Quotes My name is Lilybeth Bartolome-Ocampo, a family physician currently based in Baguio City. Not only am I a physician, but also a patient surviving breast cancer for almost 11 years now. In 1997 while pregnant living in California, USA, I was diagnosed with stage IIb infiltrating ductal carcinoma, left breast. I underwent modified radical mastectomy and four cycles of chemotherapy. While practicing my profession, another mass grew on my right in 2006. I had a second opinion at St. Luke's Hospital and the result showed no abnormal DNA and a very good prognosis. This must be the result of my taking 20 drops of CMD 3x a day everyday. It has also completely relieved me of my severe low back pains due to my scoliosis. As I learned more about the wonders of Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD), especially when patients came back with miraculous results, I've never missed a day without sharing this product. Quotes
Dr. Lilybeth B. Ocampo of Baguio City
Breast Cancer Survivor

Quotes In the summer of May 2009, Liberator D. Medina underwent a regular medical check-up in Angeles City. Early findings by his doctor indicated symptoms of hepatocellular carcinoma - a terminal liver cancer variant. Unknown to the hospital attendants and nurses, he had increased his dosage of 20 CMD drops to as much as 80 drops a day as per monitored instructions of Dra. Lilybeth Ocampo. The dosages recommended were from 80 to 100 drops of CMD plus 1 mL twice a day of elemental selenium and 1/2 mL twice a day of elemental zinc and copper. In approximately two weeks' time, new results were registered and evaluated. The new findings negated the presence of any cancerous activity in the liver of Bert Medina, the cells clear of the deadly disease. Quotes
Liberato D. Medina of Angeles City
Terminal Liver Cancer

Quotes She has suffered from gout-arthritis for over 30 years and her elbows and ankles were swollen and can't hardly walk and move around. After taking HVMIN Complex, she has regained her strength to move around and walk freely. Quotes
Marcela Timbrella of Bacolod City
Gout and Arthritis

Quotes I started taking 10 drops of CMD (3x a day) on November 19, 2004. As I continuously took my daily CMD dosage of 30 drops, I got remarkable relief from my enlarged prostate-generated problem of 6 to 7 times visit to the bathroom during bedtime. This bothered my sleep. My chronic arthritis, vertigo, and sinusitis also disappeared. Even my falling hair and weight problems were gradually solved. The skin disorder in my body was also gone. My wife Bebs' osteoporosis, my sister nurse Josie's osteoarthritis, my son Joel's frequent coughing due to allergies for more than 12 years, and my grandson JM's skin asthma were also healed. Quotes
Atty. Jose Erestain Jr.
Enlarged Prostate, Sinusitis, Vertigo, Arthritis

Quotes In March 2010, I was hospitalized for 5 days and a series of tests were done. The results were unfavorable: electrolyte imbalance, impaired digestion, low hemoglobin level, very high WBC, and a large ovarian growth was discovered which measured approximately 9.0 cm x 7.6 cm x 6.3 cm, multiple myomas, the largest measuring 4.0 cm x 4.7 cm and endometrial cyst and hemorrhagic cyst. On April 4, 2010, I started taking 20 drops CMD thrice a day. On July 17, 2010, 3 months after taking CMD I was so amazed because my endometrial cysts and the large ovarian growth were completely dissolved and the multiple myomas decreased from 4 cm to 2 cm. Quotes
Mariettas M. Bautista
Ovarian Growth, Multiple Myoma

Quotes Lydia Balague, 49 years old, female from Aringay, La Union came to the clinic bearing a pelvic sonogram done on January 5, 2008 revealing an impression: Multiple intramural myoma, the largest measuring 2.95 x 2.29 cm, clear adnexa and cul-de-sac. She was recommended to drink 20 drops of CMD twice a day for six months. Sonogram was repeated on June 3, 2008. Results revealed no more myoma. Quotes
Lydia Balangue of Aringay, La Union

Quotes I am Mrs. Normal Escober Gemino, an elementary grade teacher of Pontevedra District II in Negros Occidental. I am 59 years old, married to Nataniel Brace and blessed with a son. In February 2006, I started to suffer from constipation and gas pains. I consulted internal specialists who recommended me to undergo barium enema. I was recommended to undergo colonoscopy. There was a big mass in my large intestines, so I was subjected to immediate operation and was later informed that I have a stage 3 colon cancer. I did not submit for chemotherapy despite the advice of my physician. Roland "Nonoy" Magahin, my long-time friend, advised me to take CMD. After taking the recommended number of drops of CMD for less than a week, I felt a dramatic relief from seemingly hopeless condition! I can move my bowel regularly and without difficulty. At present, CMD continues to work on me. Quotes
Norma Escober Gemino of Iloilo City
Stage 3 Colon Cancer and Constipation

Quotes This is the case of Mr. Harrison Felipe, 51 years old, male teacher from Bokod, Benguet. For four years, he had been suffering from arthritis characterized by severe pain, swelling of both feet, rendering him disabled and unable to work on a regular basis. He has tried taking several kinds of anti-inflammatory and pain relievers prescribed by doctors, but his condition kept recurring after a couple of days. Then he was advised to put 3 drops of CMD on both feet twice a day, and drink at least 20-30 drops twice a day. After 3 weeks, there was no more swelling and the pain has subsided. He went back to work and his feet has not gotten swollen again. Quotes
Harrison Felipe of Bokod, Benguet

Quotes I was a meat vendor at Mandaue Public Market. I had a fluctuating blood pressure from 160/100 to 170/110 coupled with bronchial asthma, anxiety reaction, insomnia, and migraine. Last February 20, 2005, I met a lady from Manila who has used CMD for her myoma. I got interested because she told me that she used to have a 10.7 cm myoma which has dissolved after consuming four 60-mL bottles of CMD. This lady looked sexy despite her advanced age of 54 compared to me who was back then 38 years old with 65 kg weight, making me look older than her. So I bought from her a bottle of CMD, hoping that my seemingly hopeless condition would improve. I took 20 drops of CMD before meals and snacks. After three days of continuous use, my blood pressure went down to 120/80. I continued to use CMD and amazingly my asthma and all my illnesses were totally gone. I also lost weight. From 65 kg, I am now 52 kg with a waistline of 28 inches. Quotes
Ma. Teresita Delos Cientos of Cebu City
Bronchial Asthma, Hypertension, and Weight Loss Problem

Quotes December 2007, ang aking manugang na si Bienvenido Aguring ay na-stroke. Pabalik-balik po siya sa ospital from December 2007 to early part of February 2008 ngunit walang ginhawang dulot ang mga medisinang nireseta at pinainom sa kanya. Nang ma-stroke siya, hindi na niya maitaas ang kanyang right arms at di na rin siya makabangon. Mga three days after namin siya painumin ng CMD (120 drops sa 1.5 liters of water a day) at pahiran ng pure CMD sa kanyang manhid na braso at katawan ay nai-angat na niay ang kanyang braso at saka nakabangon na siya. And within one week, lumalakad-lakad na siya. Sa ngayon po ay nakakalakad na siya at nakakapaglibot-libot sa kanyang small farm. Personally, the reason why I tried CMD ay dahil halos lahat kami sa pamilya ay may mga karamdaman. Ang aking panganay na babae ay may migraine. Ako naman ay may goiter, sinusitis, at ulcer. Sa awa ng Diyos, ang lahat ng karamdaman namin ay umayos nang uminom kami ng CMD. Quotes
Asteria Aguring of General Santos City
Stroke, Migraine, Goiter, Sinusitis, Ulcer